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Telecom business operations, simplified

Seamlessly connect essential systems including sales and order management, billing, support ticketing, inventory and field service management, and finance and accounting. ISOS is the modern alternative to BSS.

ISOS helps telecoms grow and scale quickly and efficiently

  • Reduce annual costs by connecting disparate network management system

  • Launch innovative products and services in a fraction of the time of legacy system

  • Connect seamlessly to other best-in-class software that your team already uses

  • Accelerate customer revenue collection, reduce churn, and automate processes

Provision services in real time

ISOS next-generation automated provisioning provides a seamless service activation of residential and enterprise customers, and enables service agents to resolve issues on-site.

  • Receive instant confirmation of successful provisioning
  • Reduce call center inquiries
  • Save on OPEX expenses

Employ powerful address & network intelligence

Automated GIS integration offers a single source of address and network information. Map, change and update statuses corresponding to address and network configurations.

  • Identify areas for network and service improvements
  • Find new growth opportunities
  • Instantly confirm product and service availability

Streamline and automate critical business operations

Overcome technical barriers to unlock innovation and get to market faster. Wavelo handles the complexities of billing, provisioning, charging, and business process automation when launching new business lines or meeting new network requirements.

  • Easily test new products and services
  • Give CSRs better control and visibility
  • Maintain high customer service NPS scores

Try the ISOS calculator to see the potential impact on your bottom line

Simplifying and streamlining business operations with ISOS can help telecoms significantly increase revenue and realize substantial reductions in expenditure. Try the calculator to see how it could impact your business.

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Give customers simple, intuitive control

ISOS connects seamlessly to your consumer-facing website and analytics tools to allow individuals to explore, order and manage available products and services, and businesses to continually optimize the customer experience.

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Benefit from flexibility and modularity

Scale quickly and efficiently with plug-and-play integrations to best-of-breed software like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Stripe. ISOS works as a standalone solution for business service orchestration or fits seamlessly with existing systems without the need to replace them as your business needs change.

We’re working with some of the top innovators in the industry to usher in a new era of telecom.

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