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Product Catalog

Launch offers in minutes

Add plans, devices, and offers for mobile, broadband, or both—knowing that your catalog will instantly flow into your sales channels, provisioning, and subscription billing tools

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Create products and offerings with incredible flexibility
Set custom prices, promotions, and 
region availability
Reduce operational overhead with a purpose-built catalog API
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Expedite your launch

Quickly define, price, and bundle products and services with ease

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Flexible customization

Forget pre-defined vendor solutions, Product Catalog adapts to your unique business model

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Streamline processes

Create, manage, store, track, and maintain your products and services on a single platform

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Simple and easy to use

A user-friendly interface that is built to integrate with any business, from startup to enterprise

Product Catalog in action

See how Wavelo is changing the game by providing the flexibility and speed that telecom businesses have been looking for

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A single platform to unify data across various systems

Built to integrate with flexibility

Product Catalog reduces complexity by bringing together all your catalog data into one system

Connect to existing BSS

Combine products and services, such as internet, TV, mobile, networking hardware, and other value-added services

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Consolidate data
Retrieve and consolidate data from multiple sources
Add custom JSON
Flexible JSON fields for technical params like provisioning data
Schedule activations
Schedule activations and deactivations across products and services

const mobilePlan = await createProduct({

name: "5G Mobile Flex",

active: true,

description: "...",

product_features: [



Data:"75 GB",


pricing: [],


Fierce Network
June 10, 2024

It’s time to rethink your product catalog