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Perfect together, modular by nature

Wavelo's product suite can transform CSPs, top to bottom. But they work just as well independently and with other best-in-class software to fill specific gaps—operations, network provisioning, subscriber management, or anything in between.

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A modern alternative to Business Support Systems

Connect critical business functions like customer support, field operations, address intelligence and more. ISOS scales according to the event—like scaling up when releasing new products, or down when sunsetting old ones.

  • Simpler, integrated business operations

  • Decreased cost, increased revenue

  • Faster time to market—weeks instead of months

"Wavelo's architecture provides an innovative approach to OSS/BSS and its flexibility is poised to unlock significant value for operators globally, which is why we're thrilled to have these solutions for all customers."
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A modern alternative to Operations Support Systems

Orchestrate provisioning of mobile network service, rates and usage monitoring, account billing preparation and reconciliation, and network performance with ease—all in one system, and all while informing how your business grows.

  • Automated, aggregated provisioning

  • Flexibility to address event-driven needs

  • Simple integration into existing structures

Wavelo Subscriber Management

Wavelo SM

Wavelo Subscriber Management enables customer support reps to manage broadband and mobile subscribers, products, plans, and invoices in a single, easy-to-use, elegant web interface. SM handles complex needs like prepaid and postpaid plans, offset billing cycles, and parent/child subscriber relationships, all right out of the box.

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Wavelo SM clean user interface with customer details, invoice details, and payment dates shown

Developer tools & components

  • A2E

    A2E translates API requests and responses into events and vice-versa. This allows any existing API-based services to participate in an event-driven architecture, gaining all the modularity, scale, and reliability benefits of event-based services.

  • ARC

    ARC is Wavelo’s telecom-optimized architecture, available for CSPs, enabling them to deploy all the benefits of an event-driven approach internally. This significantly improves time-to-market for integrations between systems.

  • Product Catalog

    Wavelo’s product catalog service streamlines the process of adding and modifying products, offers, promotions, and discounts. CSP marketing teams can finally launch new products and offers in hours and days, instead of months.

What is event-based architecture?

​​Unlike APIs, which deliver an entire payload of data to answer a specific query (say, change one product specification), event-driven architecture only sends the data needed to fulfill the specific request, on demand. This means less network bandwidth consumption and less CPU utilization, cutting costs and speeding up delivery—enabling new features, functionality and better customer experiences.