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Wavelo Subscriber Management

A great CSR experience = a great customer experience

Wavelo Subscriber Management lets customer support reps manage broadband and mobile subscribers, products, plans, and invoices across services in a single, easy-to-use, elegant web interface.

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Designed for enterprise and high growth startups

Wavelo SM is perfect for companies looking to streamline and modernize their operations—including cable providers, mobile services, utility companies (ISP, MVNO, power, water), and security solution providers.

  • One place to service a customer
  • Improve first-touch response
  • Lower average handle time per support ticket
  • Reduce expenditure on a notorious cost center

Offer better customer service

Wavelo SM helps solve one of the most acute pains for telecom customers–support. Delight customers with the ability to answer their questions the first time, without being passed around to multiple people and call centers.

  • Improve first-touch response
  • Review product subscriptions, and upgrade and downgrade services
  • Manage customer details like addresses, contact info and marketing permissions

Streamline billing and invoicing

Respond to customer demands for flexibility while maintaining the integrity of your profit centers. Handle complex needs like prepaid and postpaid plans, offset billing cycles, and parent/child subscriber relationships, all right out of the box.

  • Customize and manage one-time, recurring or usage-based billing
  • Create invoices, make payments and define localized taxes
  • Accept credit cards, checks, or cash

Trim a notorious cost center

Managing subscriber plans and billing, invoicing, and offering support across converged services has been a budget buster for decades–until now. Streamline subscriber management and put more resources toward innovation.

  • Provide one place to handle every customer need
  • Lower average handle time per support ticket
  • Reduce overhead by eliminating redundancies

Benefit from flexibility and modularity

As a cloud-based platform, Wavelo SM gives telecoms the ability to scale quickly and efficiently while working within their current infrastructure so they can get to market faster with new offers, products and services. Integrate with other best-in-class software like Zendesk, Salesforce and Stripe, set up multiple storefronts, and define SKUs for products and services.

We’re working with some of the top innovators in the industry to usher in a new era of telecom.

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