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Case Study

Ting finds rapid growth and scalability with Wavelo’s modern telecom software


Founded in 2012, Ting recognized an early opportunity for growth in underserviced areas by providing world-class internet essential to modern day living. Through significant investments in fiber and a series of acquisitions, Ting soon secured its place as a challenger in the industry. But to fully realize the opportunity, Ting needed to modernize its architecture.

The Challenge

Up to this point, Ting’s business support systems (BSS) relied on manual processes–including supply chain, order management, installation, provisioning, subscriber onboarding and management, and billing. This resulted in inefficiencies, and siloed systems and data.

Ting tapped Wavelo’s ISOS platform to automate, orchestrate and synchronize their disparate systems and processes.

“Wavelo has changed the game for Ting. We saw immediate gains by simplifying and automating operations, along with measurable revenue growth. Ting is now better positioned than ever before to grow our business for years to come, and to offer customers the first-rate products and experiences they deserve."

The Solution

ISOS, powered by AWS, is built on an event-based architecture–routing the right information to the right place instantly–to pass data between systems and provide it on-demand where it's needed. With critical systems now connected, automated and streamlined–including Ting’s existing cloud-based solutions like ZenDesk (customer support) and ServiceMax (field operations)–Ting saw immediate gains:

Faster, more successful provisioning

Previously handled manually, provisioning is now automated–taking seconds and with instant confirmation of successful provisioning or failure. This allows for faster expansion in underserved communities, and fewer site visits and service calls, reducing costs, and increasing productivity and customer satisfaction across the board.

Better CSR experience, better customer experience

With various systems now orchestrated, CSRs have total visibility into customer accounts–including service availability, scheduling, billing, and any disruptions. Increased automation allows CSRs to focus more on customer service and answer questions faster and more completely. To get service up and running, the average number of calls has reduced drastically, and with significantly shorter call time and average handle time.

Higher revenue and cost reduction

Drastic streamlining and automation has significantly reduced Ting’s operational expenses. Better provisioning results in fewer truck rolls. Fewer human errors and increased account visibility has reduced churn, and limited lost opportunities with new customers, while powerful address and network intelligence has opened new growth opportunities.

Reduction in hours spent per account on provisioning, customer management, and admin activities

What’s next

Now with increased automation and seamless orchestration, Ting’s operations and processes are modular, flexible and future-proofed. Ting can scale current services without overloading systems or staff while, at the same time, free up resources to innovate new services–a significant factor in their upcoming mobile offering. With Wavelo’s help, Ting is ultimately paving the way for new revenue streams and faster growth in a highly competitive market.

"Wavelo did a great job integrating into Ting's new provisioning system. Wavelo's successful integration has allowed us to level up our existing system and unlock new features."

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